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Working sessions
We are again planning to carry out some regular maintenance in and around East and West Hanney this year. We plan to work from 09:00 until noon, and as usual, the location will depend upon what needs to be done. Please add these dates to your diaries. It would be great if everyone could do at least one session during the year as it then spreads the load out.
*** Venue and work details will be advised each month by email to subscribers of our E-newsletter ***


Other dates to follow.

We are looking for volunteers to organise each weekend, so please contact us via the contact form.

Saturday 21st of March
A big thank you to the two teams that turned out this morning to tackle some drainage issues in West Hanney. The team, led by David Corps, removed a number of obstructions around the culverts in the main drainage channel that takes surface water away from the village towards Gallows Bridge to the Childrey Brook. Thank you to David C, David B, James S, Lamorna Z and Stella B.

A second team used the opportunity to clear the main western boundary drainage channel running from the south towards the churchyard and eventually to the drainage system under the Causeway. There was a lot of debris in this channel which had formed a number of blockages holding water back in several places and preventing the main part of the woodland from draining and beginning to dry out. More work is needed but considerable progress was made under Paul Sayer's leadership. Thanks to Paul, David S, Steph S, Nanette G, Phil M and Clive M.

Hopefully the Letcombe Brook will go down soon and we can look at removing more obstacles downstream of the villages.

Saturday 15th of February
We have heavy rain, strong and stormy winds forecast for Saturday morning. Added to that the Brook is above normal, more rain forecast between now and then, the water fast flowing and extremely cold. It seems only prudent to postpone this months working party now, reschedule what we had planned for the March session and let everyone make other arrangements for this coming Saturday. We had planned to remove some small trees and branches from the Brook downstream of the village.

Saturday 18th of January
A crisp but beautiful morning to work through the list of tasks needing to be done this morning, thank you to Ian, Dickon, Lamorna, Steph, Phil, Jane, Jim, David S, David B, Paul, Adrian, Stewart and Clive for turning out. As well as the routine maintenance checks, tool sharpening, lifejacket inspection and spring cleaning we also tackled some other important jobs. The gullies used to locate the flood defence barriers around the HWMH and Community Shop were opened, inspected and cleaned out; leaf and other debris was removed from the bottom of the Hall main entrance ramp and the Fool's watercress, Helosciadium nodiflorum, was completely cleared from the stream running behind Mill Orchard.
Special thanks are due to Phil for the home made flapjacks, Ian Green for running the tool sharpening workshop and Stewart Scott for the lifejacket inspection and maintenance training session.

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