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Working sessions
We are again planning to carry out some regular maintenance in and around East and West Hanney this year. We plan to work from 09:00 until noon, and as usual, the location will depend upon what needs to be done. Please add these dates to your diaries. It would be great if everyone could do at least one session during the year as it then spreads the load out.



We are looking for volunteers to organise each weekend, so please contact Stewart Scott on 01235 868503 or via the contact form.

Saturday 14th November
Working session cancelled due to bad weather.

Saturday 10th October
We had 7 volunteers on Saturday to tackle the "cut" around Lower Mill - thanks to Ian, Dickon, David, Clive F, Graham, Trevor and Clive M. We used equipment from the refurbished trailer, (thanks to Ian and Dickon for towing it there and back), supplemented with shiny new sharp tools from the Woodland Volunteer Group. Additionally Guy, Myfanwy and Lamorna took to the water and cleared irises and watercress from Dandridge Mill. After that they walked down the Brook behind Brookside, taking out some low-hanging branches before pulling out some Himalayan Balsam, reeds and weeds just upstream of Lower Mill.
It was a good session and hopefully we can get a good turn out next month to finish off.
Thanks to everyone who gave their time on Saturday .

Saturday 12th September
We split into two groups. Myfanwy, Phil and Clive tackled himilayan balsam and also dug out the silt from the concrete walled part where storm water drains from Brookside into the brook. Stella, Ian, Dickon, Al, Steve, Richard, Guy and Stewart did some maintenance of the stretch from the Lower Mill pond to where the sewage pipe crosses the brook. A good session.

Saturday 8th August
We had a great session today clearing a major ditch that runs north from Ebbs Lane to the Letcombe brook. It was perfect conditions with the ditch completely dry. Thanks to Ian, Dickon, Phil, Clive, Stephanie, Lamorna, Alan, Al, Meurig, Jackie, Dave, David and Stewart. There were some major obstacles of dense dead brambles but now the ditch is clear and rather beautiful. There is still one huge fallen tree which is way beyond our means that needs to be sorted.

Monday27th July
We will meet at 07:30pm in Ebbs Lane, East Hanney to make a job list.

Thursday 23rd July
Trevor, Jo, Phil, Clive, David, Stella and Stewart pulled out some more balsam around Lower Mill working both in the brook and around the bypass ditch. A good session, well done.

Saturday 11th July
More Himalayan balsam pulling.

Thursday/Friday 18/19th June
Clive, Phil, Stella, Ian and Stewart pulled out some more Himalayan balsam, prior to it flowering.

Saturday 13th June
Cancelled due to persistent rain.

Saturday 9th May
Cancelled. Please try and attend the Linden Homes exhibition on Saturday 16th May from 11am until 4 pm in the Hanney War Memorial Hall.

Saturday 11th April
As usual we had sunny weather for our work this morning. Alan and Graham went off to do some photography ready for Friday whilst Ian, Dickon, Oliver, David, Paul and I went to the brook between Lower Mill and Venn Mill. We cut up and pulled out some fallen trees which had created a couple of substantial dams. A good mornings work which only took an hour and half.

Saturday 14th March

Saturday 14th February
Thanks to Guy, Myfanwy, Gill, Paul, David, Stewart, Ian, Dickon, Dave and Nicky for working up at Weir farm today. We cleared some fallen branches but the main job was to tackle a large fallen tree that is spanning the brook. Despite our efforts of sawing and Nicky pulling with the MATBRO the tree is still in position and we had to admit defeat on this occasion. A good effort but no cigar.
Copse survey:
Some time ago we discussed with the Environment agency if we could do some work in the copse which is upstream of Gallows Bridge. The idea would be to re profile the brook to give flood water storage and increased conveyance to improve the flooding at Botney Bridge. The first stage was to do some survey work and the County Council have paid for a survey to be done. This was delayed until after the stinging nettles had died down. This has now been completed by Brunel surveys and we are now studying the results of the survey.

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Himalayan balsam

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