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Projects 2012
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Emergency Plan
We are still keen on developing an Emergency Plan for the village. We have made some progress but it needs some more work. If there is anyone who would like to have a go with this then please get in touch.

Working sessions
We are again planning to carry out some regular maintenance in and around East and West Hanney this year. We plan to work from 09:00 until noon, and as usual, the location will depend upon what needs to be done. Please add these dates to your diaries. It would be great if everyone could do at least one session during the year as it then spreads the load out.



We are looking for volunteers to organise each weekend, so please contact Stewart Scott on 01235 868503 or via the contact form.

Saturday 13th October
We had an excellent turnout today of 11 people, and were able to do some ditch clearing to help keep the water courses flowing freely. The stretch around the cottages at Lower Mill has been cleared and yielded an asbestos pipe, a large metal mesh ....and a frisbee. We were also able to remove parts of several fallen trees that would constrict the flow. The part of the brook immediately downstream of the bridge at Lower Mill was also relieved of some of the weed growing in the water. A section of the ditch at the side of the Green in East Hanney was also cleared of vegetation. My thanks to all those who helped: Oliver, Clive F, Dickon, Ian, David, Hilary, Clive and Phil, Myfanwy and Guy.

Saturday 8th September
You may have noticed that there has been significant growth of reeds in the Letcombe brook by Dandridges Mill. The reeds were blocking the storm water drain and creeping significantly across the width of the stream. So our plan was to remove some of this Branched-Bur reed. Thanks to a fine turnout of ten volunteers led by Alan, the task was completed in record time. With four people operating in the water and six loading-up the wheel barrows we managed to get everything done in less than 1.5 hours. Many thanks to the team of Paul, Iain, Dickon, Steve, Graham, Myfanwy, Guy, Phil, Clive and Alan. Thanks also to the Royal British Legion for the use of their composting and waste recycling facilities.

Saturday 11th August
Today we had another good session doing some hard digging out of the ditches along Ebbs Lane. We had a 6yd skip paid for by East Hanney Parish Council which in only 2 hours this was completely filled with soil. We dug out a long section of ditch near the Thames Water pumping station and the ditch outside No5 Ebbs Lane and outside Tomelthatch. A big thanks to Alan, Jason, Peter, Paul D, Richard, Sue, Jo, Bob, Paul S, Ian and Catherine, Meurig, Clive, Ian and Dickon, Keith and Stewart. These ditches were surveyed before and after and generally the level was reduced by 200mm. The aim was to dig them out so that the bottom of the ditches were below the level of the pipes running across the road. This will help stop the pipes silting up.    [Link to Keith Diments photos]

Saturday 14th July
We had a great turn out for our working party at Ebbs Lane. We split into 2 main working groups. One team used the drain rods and drain devils on a couple of pipes. The pipe crossing the lane was solid with mud and this was eventually unblocked and cleared and the other pipe connecting the ditch from Tomelthatch to Sunrise cottage was rodded out. The other, larger party, worked on the ditch leading from the corner of Ebbs Lane down towards the brook. A large amount of debris plus lots of vegetation that was blocking the ditch was removed; this was no small task. A big thanks to Alastair, Jackie & Meurig, Patrick, Clive, Philipa, Pete, Catherine, Ian, Iain, Dick, Paul, Paul, Dee, David, Jo, Sue, Richard, Hilary and David. We would like to finish off the ditch leading to the brook and although we cleared the connecting pipes, the ditches do need to be much deeper than the pipes so that any silt settles out in the ditch rather than the pipes. We are thinking of making second trip back to Ebbs Lane on August 11th and will arrange a Skip so the ditches can be deepened and the potentially large amounts of soil removed. Details will be sorted out over the next few weeks. Thanks to David for pulling the trailer and generally to everyone for such a great team effort. Well done.

Saturday 12th May
We had the usual sunshine for our working session on Saturday. Ian Green, David Stubbington and Stewart were joined by team Roberts consisting of Catherine and baby giving lots of encouragement, Husband Ian and two friends from London, Tom and Andrew. We worked from near Gallows bridge along Childery Brook through the willow copse. We pulled out a lot of dead branches that had fallen in and we cut down quite a lot of dead wood that was on the point of falling in the brook. The water level was still quite high so was hard work just moving along the stream. We used our new ladder for getting into the stream and this worked very well.

Saturday 14th April
Although the day started with heavy rain it did stop at about 8:00 and we had dry and sunny weather for our first working session of the year. We split into two parties. Bob, Alan and Ian went off and dug out some high points in the ditch leading from Ebbs Lane and Chris, Catherine, Dave, Clive, David, Patrick, Paul, Carleen and Stewart started working in the brook downstream from Lower Mill. We cleared some large branches that had fallen into the brook and cleared some of the brambles that were collecting debris. We worked all the way down to the hunting bridge a distance of about 0.35miles. We finished off the morning with coffee and biscuits in Carleens garden. A big thanks to Carleen for the coffee and to David for pulling the trailer and of course everyone for helping. Some pictures of the work:    [View photo 1]    [View photo 2]

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