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Working sessions
We are again planning to carry out some regular maintenance in and around East and West Hanney this year. We plan to work from 09:00 until noon, and as usual, the location will depend upon what needs to be done. Please add these dates to your diaries. It would be great if everyone could do at least one session during the year as it then spreads the load out.



We are looking for volunteers to organise each weekend, so please contact Stewart Scott on 01235 868503 or via the contact form.

> Saturday 3rd of December
Sally Wallington, the Letcombe brook project officer, came to our session. She is very knowledgable about stream management to reduce flood risk and improve biodiversity and gave us good advice and teaching during the morning. Her advice was to cut down and coppice some of the self seeded trees that are providing too much shade along some stretches of the brook. The idea is to provide a mixture of lightly shaded areas which allows some weed growth and encourage fresh shrub growth, this will stabilise the bank, allow better enjoyment of the stream and encourage some weed, insects and fish.
The team of Guy, Myfanwy, Ian, Dickon, David, Lamorna, Stella, Oliver, Stephanie and Stewart worked with Sally cutting, pruning and burning the smaller branches along a short stretch down stream of Lower Mill.
We also took down a very rotten small tree that was about to collapse into the brook. Thanks to everyone for a very efficient team effort. Thanks to Ian and Dickon for pulling the trailer and to Sally for advice and encouragement.
You may be encouraged to hear that water voles are often seen on the Letcombe brook and Otter droppings (Scat) have also been spotted.
Sally will be returning for our next session on January 28th.

> Saturday 15th of October
A warm and dry day with lots of volunteers turning out to help with work down stream of Lower Mill. We split into two teams.
Paul Dyer led a team of Meurig, Alistair, Bob, Oliver, Billy, Gill and Myfanwy and carried out some pruning of hawthorn and removed some willow that had rooted themselves in the brook. Stewart led the team of David, Graham, Ian , Dickon, Clive, Lamorna and Paul and carried out some pruning of willow, dog wood and pulled out a couple of large fallen willow tree branches that were blocking the brook.
Well done everyone. Thanks to Ian and Dickon for pulling the trailer, plus Clive Fewins for donating a large rope and pulleys and Patrick for donating a set of waders.

> Saturday 17th of September
We worked on a section of the Letcombe Brook to the north of Ebbs Lane. There were quite a few fallen willow trees that were blocking the brook and we worked hard to tackle some of them. Some of the team had a go at the Himilyan Balsam which has appeared in this section this year. Well done to Paul, David, David, Paul, Ian, Dickon, Phil, Clive, Bob, Clive, Al, Stella, Stephanie and David. The two man saw came into operation and was quite effective on the large diameter willow trunks.

> Saturday 20th of August
Although the forecast was for strong winds we had a breezy and dry morning for our work down stream of the Botney Bridge. Well done Lamorna, Paul, Stella, Ian, Myfanwy,Guy,Stephanie, Bob, Gill and Stewart. Thanks again to Ian for pulling the trailer. This work aims to reduce the frequency of road flooding at Botney Bridge.

> Saturday 16th of July
We had two teams operating today. Clive, David, Stephanie and Phil tackled Himalayan Balsam up stream of Weir Farm. Ian, David, Paul, Lamorna, Alan, Graham, Bob and Stewart started at the Botney bridge and worked down stream. A really good effort by everyone.
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> Saturday 11th of June
We split into two groups. Alan and Keith set off to investigate why there seems to be almost no flow of water along the ditch by Main Street. Their investigation leads them to believe that the pipe that runs under the road at Summertown has collapsed, thus may be due to a bus getting stuck on the corner by half acre. Alan has done an excellent report which we have sent on to Oxfordshire highways. Thanks also for some input from David Price.
Paul, Phil, Clive, Stephanie, David, Pippa and Stewart headed South from Weir Farm with a mission to tackle himilayan balsam and a fallen tree of which the location was not exactly known. They had a good session finding and pulling put himilayan balsam; it did not appear to be as prolific as last year. They did eventually find a fallen tree, in fact two trees together that was blocking the brook. Some of the branches were removed by there was not enough time to tackle the main trunk so we may come back to that one evening.

> Saturday 21st of May
We started at Lower Mill and worked downstream to the sewage pipe that crosses the brook. We removed a large bush that had fallen across the brook and was creating quite a dam. We also collected up a lot of old branches along the footpath. Thanks to Paul, Meurig, Jackie, Phil, Clive, Dickon, Ian, David, Dave, Trevor, Lamorna and Stewart.

> Saturday 16th of April
Despite the cold and rain and even some snow in wantage we had a great turnout today. We headed to a section downstream of Lower Mill and removed a number of trees that had fallen into the brook. A great effort. Thanks to Ian, Dickon, Paul, Trevor, Oliver, Guy, Myfanwy, Stella, David, Clive and Stewart.

> March
No sessions.

> February
No sessions.

> Saturday 30th of January
We investigated and cleared the ditch that runs though Davies Yard next to the A338.

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Himalayan balsam

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