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Letcombe Brook Project-2022 Year End report - January 2023
Year End report.

History of the Bathing Place from HOLMES of HANNEY by Frank Poller (1993) - August 2021

Riparian Owners Group first newsletter for riparian landowners along Letcombe Brook - May 2021
Newsletter - Winter 2020.

Letcombe Brook Project-2020 Year End report - January 2021
Year End report.

Returning to Working Parties taking into account COVID-19 and Social Distancing - 1st August 2020
These documents outline our approach plus risk assessments.
[Returning to Working Parties]     [COVID19 Measures for Risk Assessment]     [Group Risk Assessment]     [COVID19 Safe Guidelines for Working Parties]    

Maps from a National Flood Forum working party - August 2020
Maps from a National Flood Forum working party of the River Ock catchment area which include the Letcombe Brook, Childrey Brook and other water courses in our area.
[Cow Common Childrey Brook Map]     [Lower Ock Map]     [Upper Ock Map]    

The Hanneys Flood Group AGM minutes - July 2020
AGM 2020 minutes.
[Minutes]     [Working party summary]     [Review of activities]     [Accounts]     [Restricted monies]     [Independent scrutiny]     [Website statistics]     [Year in photographs]

Flood Group Operation and Performance Review - July 2020
Antony Wan (MSc Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Imperial College) is currently carrying out a review of The Hanneys Flood Group as a case study for his research project of a master degree. He invites all residents/stakeholders in East and West Hanney to participate in his online survey, which takes 5 minutes.
The information collected will be provided in the future for the Flood Group's reference.

[Survey link]

Letcombe Brook thank you event survey - December 2019
Mark Bradfield, Letcombe Brook Project Manager, is wanting to arrange a thank you event for the many volunteers that help look after the Letcombe Brook. If you have been out this year to volunteer on the Brook please can you complete a 3 question survey so that he can work out some logistics for the event. Mark will have to go with a date that suits most people.

The Letcombe Brook project website which has been updated recently and is well worth looking at from time to time. If you ever want to contact Mark about the Letcombe Brook or the project here are his contact details - Mark Bradfield, Letcombe Brook Project, 07737 639253; c/o Vale and Downland Museum, in Wantage.

[Letcombe Brook Project link]

The Hanneys Flood Group AGM minutes - June 2019
AGM 2019 minutes.

The Hanneys Flood Group AGM review of activities - June 2019
AGM 2019 notes.

How to minimise Flood Damage in your Home - April 2018
An online document from Direct Line insurance.

Hanney Community Volunteers - October 2017
As part of the East and West Hanney Community Emergency plan, we are looking for volunteers who will act in the event of a “disaster”.

Extracts from Hanney School Log Books (1869 to 1927) - November 2015
Transcribed from notes made by Frank Poller, August 1997.

Wantage rainfall records (1996 – 2015) - March 2015
Wantage rainfall records recorded in Charlton Heights, Wantage.

Letcombe Brook sediment and phosphate survey Spring 2013 - February 2015
Survey [VIEW]
Study [VIEW]

The Hanneys Flood Group AGM minutes - July 2014
AGM 2014 minutes.

Wantage rainfall records (2013) - January 2014
Wantage rainfall records recorded in Charlton Heights, Wantage.

The Hanneys Flood Group AGM minutes - June 2013
AGM 2013 minutes.

Wantage rainfall records (1996 – 2012) - January 2013
Wantage rainfall records recorded in Charlton Heights, Wantage.

Personal flood plans - November 2012
The EA have developed templates so that we can write our own personal flood action plan. There is also a template for a community flood plan. These are available on the EA web site.

Grove Green Flood Group - October 2012
Statistics for rainfall, temperature and level of water at Grove Green Bridge is updated every 15mins. Please have a look at the web site. Well done Grove Green..

The Hanneys Flood Group AGM minutes - July 2012
AGM 2012 minutes.

Paving front gardens guidance © Environment Agency
If you are thinking of paving your front garden please read this document from the Environment Agency.

River gauge boards
Locally to us there are 3 boards that show the heights of water on the brooks.

The Hanneys Flood Group AGM minutes - July 2011
AGM 2011 minutes.

The Hanneys Flood Group AGM minutes - June 2010
AGM 2010 minutes.

River level gauges - October 2010
Map of river level gauges located in our area.

East Hanney Flood Map Update - December 2009 © Environment Agency
This updated map, produced in December 2009 by the Environment Agency, is a guide to areas of land that are at risk from flooding from rivers and should prompt those who live near a river to be aware and find out more.
[VIEW - PDF version]      [VIEW - Microsoft Word version]

At our first AGM, the Association's constitution was agreed and the management committee voted in. This formal process will enable the Group to fund further projects through grants and fund raising which is vital achieve the ongoing need to keep the floods at bay.

[View constitution Page 1]     [View constitution Page 2]

Consent application form
Consent application form to be used when appyling to do works in or near a main river and/or flood defences.
[Consent form notes]      [Consent application]

The Hanneys Flood Group insurance policy
We have taken out a combined insurance policy for Conservation Groups, which commenced on 15th June 2009, from Zurich Insurance.

Recommended actions to reduce flood risk in East Hanney © Environment Agency
This map, produced on 26/06/2008 by the Environment Agency, details recommended actions to reduce flood risk in East Hanney.

The Pitt Review: Lessons learned from the 2007 floods © Cabinet Office
Sir Michael Pitt was asked by Ministers to conduct an independent review of the flooding emergency that took place in June and July 2007. The Government asked that the process should be both thorough and independent; a fair assessment of what happened and what we might do differently. Sir Michael Pitt has launched his final report on 25th June, 2008.

Floods Review July 2007 © Environment Agency
This 36 page report from the Environment Agency documents an investigation into the causes and flood risk management options for Letcombe Regis, Wantage, Grove and East Hanney, following the flooding of July 2007 which affected 137 properties.

Living On The Edge © Environment Agency
A 20 page guide to the rights and responsibilities of riverside occupation.
Basic guide to rights and responsibilities of owning land/property on a river bank. Advice on basic legal position, role of Environment Agency, including consents necessary for certain works.

Thames Region Land Drainage Byelaws © Environment Agency
A 24 page guide outlining the Byelaws for securing the efficient working of the drainage systems.

Watercourse Maintenance for Riparian Landowners: Things to note © Environment Agency
This 2 page guide is aimed at landowners and their agents to help them understand their roles and responsibilities in maintaining watercourses.
[VIEW page1]      [VIEW page2]

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Environment Agency

National Flood Forum

Thames Water

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